Our group functions in a demanding, fast-paced, high-stakes environment in which gut instincts often dictate decisions and reactions. With Annette's training, the group and its members were able to gain tangible tools to practice in-the-moment awareness and increase their ability to respond with intention. The sessions were a balanced mix of Annette providing the science behind and the importance of having a mindfulness practice and exercises to engage in and time to reflect on their impact. Our group is deeply appreciative for the opportunity to learn from Annette and has already found practical application of the tools in moments of stress. 

- Sara Loncka, Director, Fellows Program in Public Affairs (Coro Southern California)

Annette went above and beyond to help me navigate my assorted interests and fit them into a cohesive whole. As a musician who is also an aspiring academic and public servant, my career trajectory doesn't come with a handbook. At a critical juncture in my life, Annette lead me through a visioning exercise that helped me determine my next steps. 
She showed me how to
break down my goals into manageable chunks, and find ways to make progress towards them every day. Following her example, I now regularly work on my various projects for set amounts of time. This practical strategy ensures that I'm always pushing forward. Working in today's gig-based, entrepreneurial economy comes with a lot of individual freedom, but it also requires discipline. Using mindfulness practices and work tips, Annette helped me achieve that discipline.  

Annette not only provides solid, practical advice, she offers an empathetic ear and really invests in your wellbeing. Having left a stable job at a big law firm, she knows the difficulties that come with finding meaning and purpose in our work. Through personal trial and error, as well as determined research, Annette has learned tactics negotiate these challenges. While the road isn't always easy, she exemplifies how self-determination and pursuing your passion are the keys to a happy and successful career. While honest about the fact that there's no perfect formula, Annette will help you get started on your own journey and stick with you along the way.

- Zeke, Los Angeles

Annette's mindfulness coaching is truly wonderful. If you are considering embarking on a journey to take a breath, give yourself some grace, or just gain new mindfulness practices tailored to you, I highly recommend working with Annette!

Once I felt ready to begin, she encouraged me to choose a place that I felt most comfortable and we started with a mindfulness meditation to help ground us into the space. Once the meditation ended, she once again let me take my time refocusing my attention to the present moment in the room. Then we talked...about professional and personal matters that I have been wrestling with and preventing me from giving myself the breath, grace, and love that I need and deserve. She has a calm and inviting presence that makes opening up really easy.

She asked questions to help me arrive at a better understanding of where I was and then offered a few ideas of mindfulness practices she thought would be helpful based on our conversation. And she let me pick which one to begin with. I picked the Loving Kindness meditation, which we practiced for a bit. It was yummy! She followed up with some audio recordings of more Loving Kindness meditations I could try, which I did and loved!

Her practice is truly tailored to the individual. She listened and helped guide me to what deep down inside I knew, but needed help arriving there. She was the reflection of myself that I'd have if I stopped more to take a breath and be mindful. I felt like I got some therapy and mindfulness practice all in once! I never felt rushed or like time was an issue. It was a moment where time stopped and I was able to just BE. It was a healing time that left me feeling very full and at peace--with myself, others, and life in general.

My sincerest gratitude, Annette.

- Vaneshia, Los Angeles

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Annette! She is truly a gem and I am so lucky I get to work with her. Before I met her, I was mired in a highly cerebral approach to finding my next career that left me in an anxious state of analysis paralysis. I was unsure which direction to move toward, only knowing that the career path I’d chosen up to that point was no longer right for me. Annette created an open, warm environment where I could share my personal and professional experiences and explore new possibilities. She introduced me to two books that we have worked through together and, paired with her guidance and input, I have come to new insights that have led me to the beginning of a much more satisfying career. Thanks to Annette, I now have a renewed sense of purpose. She has been invaluable as I begin the next phase of my life and I can’t thank her enough!

- Megan, Los Angeles

Annette is one of the most impactful mindfulness coaches in the industry. As someone who also works in the wellness field, I've come across many coaches, but not many who are as genuine, compassionate, inspiring, non-judgmental and patient as Annette. She is such a wonderful active listener and truly has the best intentions for her clients. I feel that her guidance is extremely thought-provoking and really helps with creating deep clarity. In my personal opinion, I'd get more out of a single session with Annette v.s. a few sessions of traditional counseling.

I have yet to experience a meditation session with Annette, but I am sure it would be another priceless opportunity to expand awareness.

After speaking with Annette, I leave feeling excited, motivated, clear with my goals and supported in the process of creating change.

- Corie, Hong Kong